hosted examples including sources for a quick look into fritz2

  Getting started

Getting Started

A very small example to show you how html-building, event-handling and databinding feel like in fritz2.

Deep Nested Models

fritz2 makes data-binding of elements in deep nested models and lists easy like a breeze. See how to do so using lenses.


This is our implementation of the TodoMVC specification. Compare fritz2 with react, vue.js, etc.


See how to include reusable validation in your Stores and show the results - at your form elements for example.


Learn how to implement routing in your single-page-app with fritz2 and handle parameters (deep links).


Use fritz2's repositories to effortlessly connect your stores to a backend. Includes undo and spinner...


fritz2 wraps the browser's api to asynchronously communicate with your backend in a more Kotlin-like way.


See how you can easily build WebComponents with fritz2 or use WebComponents provided by others in your projects.


Full-stack multiplatform project-setup including Ktor as backend and fritz2 - using shared data-model and validation, repositories, routing ...


KitchenSink demo app to show the basic set of components ready to start building responsive web-apps following a consistent design system.