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Since we want you to build the best, most efficient, successful, and whatever-else-you-want web-apps with fritz2, we happily provide you with all the documentation you need in order to use it.

We aim to present the different topics and concepts in a helpful order. If you want to stick with it, we suggest to start reading with Project Setup, otherwise just pick your topic of interest from the menu.

state management in fritz2

We always try our best with fritz2 and would love your feedback! Please feel free to open an issue.

Whenever you find something missing, misleading or even plain wrong in our documentation please open an PR or issue. We also encourage everybody to share their own examples and showcases with us, as this is often the best way to learn something new.

Where does the name come from?

fritz2 actually has two meanings. For our project name, we were looking for something to connect it to St. Petersburg (Kotlin is an island in its proximity), and we came across Friedrich II. It was shortened to Fritz2 - so technically, there was a Fritz1, but he wasn't an API. The second meaning is personal and connects to the pipes in our logo: Fritz is Jens‘ father’s nickname who had a huge impact on his life. He was a plumber.

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